Field Day!

May Crowning

Ash Wednesday

Well our ashes didn't last very long, but we are ready to grow in our faith this Lent season.


Showing Our Unity with the 8th Graders Celebrating Dr. Seuss's Birthday

Moses and the Burning Bush Painting

Catholic Schools Week

I am not sure why the pictures are blurry, but I can promise you that it was a fun faith filled week!

Lunch Date

 These four students have earned a lunch date for using Christian Courtesy!


St. Nick Visited Kindergarten!

Pumpkin Patch 2018

Johnny Appleseed Day

We had a great Johnny Appleseed day. We did experiments to stack apples, see if apples float, watched what happens when cut apples are left out, how to erupt apples, and most important which graphed which apples taste the best! The day ended with a show and tell that went with the letter S, a King Snake! These students are way more brave than their teacher.

A small present for Father Dan turned into a kindergarten invasion...

Our class ended up with some cedar wood and they wanted to give it to Father Dan for his chiminea, along with a note saying why we are lucky to have him at St. Joseph Catholic School. While we were dropping it off Father made the offer for our class to see the rectory. Well, I think the pictures show how much they enjoyed the tour, the football helmets, and most of all hanging out with Father! They had no problem making themselves at home! I will let you guess which former pastor's bike they are giving a thumbs down to...and which pastor has the "cool bike."  


Stain Glass Windows

First Adoration

What a great week! We just spent our first Eucharistic Adoration together as a class, and are excited to enjoy Adoration with the whole school every Friday of the school year!


Coming Up in Kindergarten

We will be working on recognizing and writing the letters M, N, F, V and the numbers 0-5.  Many times your child may come home with a handwriting paper that may not be completed. Handwriting can be very time consuming and tedious. In class we focus on correct formation, placement, and spacing, but do not have the time to perform the repeated practice it takes to make writing feel natural. I recommend that your child complete any writing papers at home, but they do not need to be returned to school.

We will also be learning how God has made each one of us, and how He made us all unique. During these discussions we will also talk about how He has given us five senses to help us learn about and enjoy His creation.

On Fridays we will have show and tell. Your child can bring an item that begins with the letter M or N on the 24th for show and tell, and an item that begins with F or V on the 31st. During show and tell the student will give us three facts about the item, and call on three students to ask questions. Show and tell is always fun, and can be pretty comical at times! The students love it, and don't even realize that we are working on important communication skills such as eye contact, rate of speech, and confidence.


Mrs. Stacy Helten


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