5th Grade

Our upcoming testing schedule:

April 9-10 - ELA state assessment 10:45-11:45

April 16-17 - Math state assessment 10:45-11:45

April 26-27 - Science state assessment 10:45-11:45

Week of May 7-11 - Diocesan Religion and Typing assessments


What is Easter - Christian Religious Festivals - Jesus Christ for Muslims - www.jesuschristformuslims.com



Learning about Phases of the Moon (with cookies!)



Enjoy the pictures below of the students presenting about their Saints.

Here is an overview of topics that we hope to be covering in April.


Religion:  We will continue reading and discussing the 7 sacraments.  We are ready to begin the Sacraments of Vocation.  We will be talking about St. Padre Pio before going to the Cathedral on 4/13/18 to see the relics.

English Language Arts: We will be reading stories in our Journeys Book dealing with the American Revolution; learning about verb tenses, regular and irregular verbs, commas and semicolons; continue with weekly spelling tests; begin persuasive writing

Math: We will finish up our unit on Volume and then begin our unit on measurement, both customary and metric

Science: We will continue our unit on Life Science.  This will include topics of cells, microbes, heredity, the plant kingdom, animal kingdom, and animal behavior.  

Social Studies: We will continue our discussions of the American Revolution.  


Our 5th Grade Saints

Our unit on Electricity and Magnetism


Looking at the hole in our hands during science class!