5th Grade


Our spring 2019 field trip to Exploration Place!



"He is not here; he has risen just as he said"

A Symbol of Easter


>Some of our talented 5th graders in the Catholic Schools Week talent show! 

Way to go!

After choosing a saint to learn about, the students read a book on that saint and then did further research.  Using the writing process, they then completed a formal paper.  Finally, they shared a presentation with the class taking on the role of the saint.  Enjoy the pictures below. 













Our Fall Party on October 30th!




We recently finished our science unit on engineering and technology.  The students competed in a car competition.  As a group, they had to create a balloon powered car that would be tested on speed, ability to carry heavy cargo, and looks.  The students had to brainstorm ideas, design, test, evaluate, and then redesign to make their cars go.




The 5th Grade enjoyed a warm and windy day at the Kansas State Fair.