Upcoming Dates


4 Giving Tuesday (bring canned goods)

11 Music Program at 6:30pm

14 Spirit Dress Day

19 1:00 Dismissal 

20-January 2 Christmas Break 

A visit from St. Nicholas will cheer anyone up!

Advent Season

Our Advent season has begun! Each day the fourth grade has been diving into the Bible to find different names that represent Jesus for our countdown of Advent days in school. Some of the names have been, Savior, Lamb of God, and Light of the World. May your Advent Season be blessed.


2nd Quarter AR

We have 1 more full week this quarter! The students should have their AR goal met by Friday, Dec. 14, 2018 in order to participate in the AR store on the 17th. Ask your child if they've met their goal!

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Fourth Grade

Mrs. Whitney Osborn
Fourth Grade


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