A Visit from St. Nicholas

Advent is a time to prepare our hearts for Jesus. We are truly blessed here at St. Joseph to have opportunities to grow in our faith every day. Last week students participated in Crusader Crews. They created an Advent calendar in the form of a prayer chain (click here for guidance if your child is still needing to assemble) and learned about St. Nicholas. Aside from these activities students have daily Advent reflections that are complete with the stations of the crib that focus our attention on living out a daily virtue.

Many blessings to you throughout this season!

Creating an Electromagnet

Fall Party Fun!

The students enjoyed saint charades, team building with cup stacking, and an apple bar!

Saint Dress Up

Science Fun!

Students are learning about weak and strong forces in science class. One day was spent on getting the play out of their system as they pushed a toy truck with different amounts of force and another day was spent on the lab write up. Students got to use a stop watch and see how many seconds it took for their truck to cross the finish line over a set distance.  

Picture Perfect :-)

Four Marks of the Church: One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic

Did You Forget Your Textbook at School?

No more excuses! Students can access their book online if they forget either their Reading or Math textbook. Login information is on the cover of their agenda. To access the textbooks find them on this page under classroom links.



Third graders need to have 3 service hours every nine weeks! The purpose of stewardship is to provide students with an opportunity to make a difference in their church and surrounding communities. Please assist your child in sharing in this act of love.

"Do small things with great love." Mother Teresa

Third Grade

Miss Lori Goode
Third Grade


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