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GaGa Ball

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-  This game originated in Jerusalem.

-  Did you know ga, in Hebrew, means touch. The name is "touch, touch" ball. The ball is not in play until the ball touches the ground 2 times. That's why it is called GaGa ball. 

Basketball Unit

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Kan Jam Fun

K-2 Throwing and Catching

 Forward Pass
  • turn sideways to target.
  • step forward with the foot opposite your throwing arm.
  • bring ball back to your ear.
  • lead with the throwing elbow and extend arm fully toward target.
  • snap wrist downward as you release the ball.
  • follow thru across your body as you release the ball.

Catching Cues

  • "Track": Track the ball with your eyes all the way into your hands.
  • "Reach": Reach arms towards ball.
  • "Give": Give with ball as ball hits hands to make it a soft catch.
  • "Pinkies and Thumbs": Pinkies together if ball is below waist.

PE Fun

PE National Shape Standards

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