Field Day is Monday, May 13, 2019

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T-ball and Wiffle ball

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Temperance is defined as moderation or voluntary self-restraint. It is typically described in terms of what an individual voluntarily refrains from doing. This includes restraint from retaliation in the form of non-violence and forgiveness, restraint from arrogance in the form of humility and modesty, restraint from excesses such as splurging now in the form of prudence, and restraint from excessive anger or craving for something in the form of calmness and self-control.

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UNITY - Q3 Virtue

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Jump rope and Ricochet Ball


Bowling and Fowling!

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Hockey Skills & Modified games


7th boys PE...aspiring models


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GaGa Ball

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-  This game originated in Jerusalem.

-  Did you know ga, in Hebrew, means touch. The name is "touch, touch" ball. The ball is not in play until the ball touches the ground 2 times. That's why it is called GaGa ball. 

Basketball Unit

11 best P.E skills and Success criteria/Learning intentions images ...

Kan Jam Fun

K-2 Throwing and Catching

 Forward Pass
  • turn sideways to target.
  • step forward with the foot opposite your throwing arm.
  • bring ball back to your ear.
  • lead with the throwing elbow and extend arm fully toward target.
  • snap wrist downward as you release the ball.
  • follow thru across your body as you release the ball.

Catching Cues

  • "Track": Track the ball with your eyes all the way into your hands.
  • "Reach": Reach arms towards ball.
  • "Give": Give with ball as ball hits hands to make it a soft catch.
  • "Pinkies and Thumbs": Pinkies together if ball is below waist.

PE Fun

PE National Shape Standards

Welcome Back to school!


Mrs. Stacie Clupny
Physical Education/Health