First things first!  The students and music teachers would like to say a great big THANK YOU for the addition of six new xylophones to our program!  We are truly grateful and know that they will enhance our classes.

The kindergarten through 4th grades got off to a running start this school year.  We began the year by reviewing how to correctly play our rhythm instruments that we were able to add to our program last spring (another Thank You!), reviewed playing the set of bells we have, and learned about our new xylophones.  We tested them out by another review - the 1st-4th grades using rhythm note phrase flash cards to see how many of the note and rest values we could remember that we learned last year, and once the kindergarten learned the value of a quarter note, they enjoyed playing the different instruments, too.

During most of September, we will be learning how music is so much a part of our lives, including special holiday music, religious music, patriotic music, music of historical time periods, music that becomes associated with an advertised product on the TV or radio, and just the enjoyment of listening or dancing to music.  Emphasis in class will be on the difference between beat and rhythm, while continuing to add to our knowledge of musical concepts.  Towards the end of September, we hope to begin a unit on the orchestra.

Update on Mass Music:  All grades, K-8th, will continue to begin class with praising God in song.  Singing is praying twice, and also, this will give us a chance to introduce some new hymns that we can then incorporate into our Tuesday & Thursday school Masses.

Cantor Tryouts are in full swing.  We hope to have our 2019-2020 cantors in place by mid September.  The response from the 5th-8th grades has been impressive, and the voices even more so!  This is stewardship in action! 

Betty Hunt, K-4 Music & Tuesday/Thursday Mass Music

Music & Band, K-4

Mrs. Betty Hunt
Music & Band - K-4


Music & Band, 5-8

Mrs. Charlene Reynolds
Music & Band - 5-8


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