• Students will learn that the season of Lent is apparent in the Mass music we play and sing.  We will be singing the Latin Chant Mass, and including at least one Lenten song in each Mass during the season of Lent.  The one exception to this will be the Solemnity of St. Joseph, Spouse of the Blessed Virgin Mary, on Tuesday, March 19, when we will be allowed to sing even the Gloria.  
  • Speaking of St. Joseph's feast day, the students will be doing a special creative project during music class on this day. 
  • Once we return from spring break and after our special class period on St. Joseph's feast day, the 2nd & 4th graders will be preparing for the Diocesan Music Assessment that is scheduled to be given sometime in early April.  We will also be reviewing this same material with the 1st & 3rd graders to assess their progress, too, even though their results need not be reported to the Diocese.
  • All classes, K-4, have already experienced or will be experiencing the enjoyment of playing a song with bells.  This allows the student to see how important paying attention, the value of counting, and notation is to music.
  • Just have to add that the 4th Graders are doing quite well playing their recorders.  We have taken our time to become immersed in this musical experience, even writing a song and playing our compositions in class!

Music & Band, K-4

Mrs. Betty Hunt
Music & Band - K-4


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