• So pleased with all students in K-4!  We have learned almost all the musical concept flash cards, including all the note and rest values, and time signatures, so therefore, we are now taking time to "count out" a song before actually singing it.  It is good for the students to be able to take their knowledge and apply it, including the kindergarteners, who up to this time, have not read much music but done most songs by repetition and/or memory.
  • The K-3 students are learning more about the forms of a song, including call & response, verse & refrain, and labeling of AB or ABA.  Kindergarteners will be working on higher and lower pitch, while the 1st, 2nd, & 3rd grades will actually be learning this same concept but using the actual pitch names of do, re, mi, so, & la.
  • The 4th graders did very well on the Notes Assessment so they are now ready to pick up the RECORDERS and start playing a musical instrument!  This will be an exciting time in the music room!  Talk about applying one's musical knowledge!

Music & Band, K-4

Mrs. Betty Hunt
Music & Band - K-4


Music & Band, 5-8

Mrs. Charlene Reynolds
Music & Band - 5-8


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