Now that we have been in school about a month and a half, just an update on what the students in kindergarten through 4th grades have been doing in music class.

  • Begin class with a prayer "song" - We are using a song or refrain of a song that we sing at Mass to open our class - Singing is praying twice!! 
  • Learning what we call a Music Concept each week - So far, we have covered quarter note, quarter rest, and eighth notes with all classes
  • Learning the difference between beat (think of your heart rate!) and rhythm (think of the tune)
  • Pitch - the ups and downs, highs and lows of a song
  • Tempo - Is it fast or is it slow?
  • Note Values - some are short and some are long
  • 4th Grade has touched on the pentatonic scale
  • Most classes have used rhythm sticks, and thanks to Mrs. Reynolds, she has loaned us a set of rhythm instruments we can now begin using

Beginning October 2, our cantors will begin leading the singing at Mass.  This is a new program this year open to 5th-8th grade students.  We were very pleased with the number of students who were interested in being cantors, and after tryouts, chose seven teams of cantors who will sing at Tuesday and Thursday Masses throughout the school year.  All those students who tried out did a great job, and narrowing down the field was very difficult.  We told all those who tried out, if they were chosen or not, to keep singing from the pews as song leaders cannot lead if they have no one to lead!  Pray for us as we move forward with this new music ministry.

Betty Hunt, K-4 Music; Tuesday/Thursday Mass Music

Music & Band, K-4

Mrs. Betty Hunt
Music & Band - K-4


Music & Band, 5-8

Mrs. Charlene Reynolds
Music & Band - 5-8


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