Summer To-Do's

Hope your summer is going well!  Go swimming, make s'mores at a cookout, and spend some time getting to know your lawnmower.  Summer is a great break for all of us, but if you want to make sure that you're on track for next school year, (sorry, it's going to happen!) then there are a few things you can do to help yourself.  First, read.  Go to the library, check out a book-try a new series or even a non-fiction-and sit down and read it.  I read for half an hour just sitting in a lawn chair on my driveway... anywhere that works for you is an opportunity to read.  Reading does great things for the brain.  It makes you think, imagine, and sometimes even inspires you.  It also helps to make you a better writer... just sayin'!  Second, watch the national news or read a newspaper or magazine once a week.  You'll get a feel for current events that may effect you directly or even indirectly.  Maybe one of those headlines would be a good culminating topic?  A good online source for those current events topics is  We've looked at this site in class and it's very good.  You can even print out articles to save for later. Another site that you might visit is  This site has articles on both sides of controversial issues.  This is more of an idea place rather than a source because you'll have to track down the actual articles they use to get more information.  But hey, it's a start! One more that I've learned about is called HowStuffWorks. Using the search bar, you can ask your question about your topic idea and articles and sometimes videos pop up. Its pretty cool.  A third thing you can do this summer is start working on your 8th grade scrapbook.  The details are in a folder to the right.  Even if you're just in seventh grade, it's really not too early to start pulling out or printing the pictures and looking for half-price deals on scrapbooks and paper supplies.  Another thing you can do for a few minutes each week is work on Moby Max.  It's still up over the summer.  Maybe fact practice or sentence editing is a struggle for you... so do yourself a favor and work on some of those weaker skill areas over the summer so maybe they won't be so hard in three months.  Finally, one of the best things you can do for yourself this summer is to go to Mass and adoration.  Attend Totus Tuus in your parish, or go to the camp. Keep your faith a priority in your life... make an effort and you'll be blessed.  Ok, so that's your homework over the summer.  Whether you choose to do it is totally up to you, but I hope you do a little.  I'll see you around!  God bless... Mrs. Peloquin