The Great American Read

Have you ever read a book that changed you?  Made you see life in a new way or understand something deep inside you?  Books have the power to touch lives in a profound way.  Whether they are set in a fictional world, or one almost too like our own, we connect with characters (even if we can't stand them) and let the words on the page take us on a journey.  This summer, PBS and our nation's libraries have launched The Great American Read.  They've gathered a list of 100 titles that have affected many people, maybe even you.  Voting for the number one title is now underway.  There are titles on this list that I've taught to your children, titles that I loved growing up, titles that I have zero interest in, and even a few that I wish would be forgotten in some dusty, disused corner of a library.  The point is, we have a voice in promoting good books.  Literature shapes culture, and as Catholics, we want that culture to reflect virtue, sacrifice for good, and love in its truest forms.  Now's our chance to help shape the wider culture.  Look at the list, pick up a few titles from the library.  Start a book club with your children.  Talk about what you like, what you don't like, and why what we read matters as we work to become better people of God.  Here's the link... have fun!

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