6th Grade Grammar Practice

Student want to help yourself practice some grammar?  Here's a link to SoftSchools so you can strengthen your skills and not just randomly shout out parts of speech that are completely off base.


Way to go Religion Bowl!

Both our seventh and eighth grade teams came away with SILVER medals at our recent competition.  Both teams worked very hard to prepare and I'm super proud of them!

Crusaders Got Spirit!

Thank you Mrs. Spexarth, for the awesome picture of our class!

7th Grade Kindness Bags


We read a non-fiction essay about the fact that we often reduce people to a term... "homeless," instead of recognizing that they are people without homes.  To be able to paint our bedroom the color we want, to have more than a space heater for warmth, to have a cross-stitch sampler that your grandmother made and pictures of your past hanging on your living room wall... those little things are everything, and we often take them for granted.  In response to this essay, our seventh graders wanted to do something.  We looked up homeless rates in Sedgwick county and checked what kinds of items would benefit the homeless.  The class divided the list and purchased the items with their own money.  All the items were brought to school by January 22, a national day of atonement for the sins against the dignity of human life.  We spent that day praying for the person who would receive our gifts and wrote them a tag with an encouraging Scripture quote.  On Friday, we put the bags together as a way to kick off Catholic Schools Week.  We contacted staff at the Lord's Diner who are providing us with a list of individuals without homes who would benefit from our kindness bags.  A parent volunteer will be passing the bags out next week.  I can't think of a better way to demonstrate our belief in the dignity of life than by serving those who society would rather forget.  They are our brothers and sisters; they are not forgotten.

Third Quarter? Bring it on!

If you're like me, it's hard to believe we're already into the third quarter.  Some might see the year as half over, but we are really just getting started with our key projects that will take us through the rest of the year.

In religion, we will be examining the Protestant Reformation and the Church's response through the Council of Trent.  Before Christmas, we learned about the abuses in the Church, especially in the hierarchy, that ultimately left many Catholics either disillusioned or uneducated in their faith. The Church is instituted by Christ and led by the Holy Spirit, but our fallen human natures have to stay in check or disasters befall us... that's what happened four hundred years ago and we're still feeling the repercussions today.  Since so many Protestant reformers reduced the Sacraments to mere symbols, we will be taking a close examination of each-how they tie in to Tradition and Scripture, what really happens in each, and why they are so vital to a healthy spiritual life.  

In language arts, we'll be working on our writing projects in 7th and 8th grades.  Seventh graders will be researching the Ancient Wonders of the World these first few weeks of January. They should be ready to write by the end of the month. For the Eighth graders, their PRO notes are due by January 4th and their outlines will be due no later than the 9th.  Their final drafts will be due January 18th.  Class time will be given to work on drafting, but students are encouraged to share their drafts with parents to see if their arguments make sense, are well-supported, and flow well. Often times parents learn as much about these interesting subjects as their children! I conference with students during class to work out some of these kinks, but simply do not have enough time to go through each paragraph with every student.  I often tell students that I'm not going to grade it before I grade it, meaning, I will help them with difficult transitions and be a sounding board for ideas and whether a sentence sounds right, but I'm not going to be their editor before they turn it in. It is always gratifying to see students progress through these three papers.  The first one is the toughest, but by the time they compose the last one, they know what they're doing.  Many refer back to their previous papers to see what was marked off before, so they can grow as writers and not commit those kinds of errors as frequently.  For students who take this process seriously, their scores improve with each paper because of their commitment to doing better by putting in the time to pull solid details out of their research, review former mistakes, and only settling for as good as they can do, not just good enough.  

In Literature, we will be preparing for State Assessments through KITE and Moby Max practice tests, reading non-fiction and poetry passages, as well as a few selections from our reading book.  Moby Max assignments are not optional; they are just as much a real assignment as a written one.  I understand internet connections at home are sometimes tenuous, but students usually know about this and ask to stay if from recess or stay after school to work on these assignments-both are fine with me as long as students let me know in advance.

Religion Bowl participants will need to study and practice if we're going to be ready by January 31st at Holy Spirit-our only competition!  We'll continue to practice on Wednesdays, but we might have to add additional after-school practice times... I'll communicate that if and when we do.  Catholic Schools Week is January 27-February 2nd.

Forensics is also right around the corner. Students who want to participate will need to contact me ASAP so we can find material and schedule practices. Our competition will be Feb. 5th at St. Paul's in Cheney.


Scholastic Book Orders

Scholastic Book Orders

Once a month I will send home Scholastic book club forms. Fifth and sixth grades typically receive an Arrow, Click, or seasonal order form; Seventh and Eighth graders receive an Arrow, Tab, Click, and/or seasonal order form.  Parents/students will have a week to submit their order (if they choose to do so) by either returning the paper order form with a CHECK filled out to Scholastic, not cash; or you may access Scholastic book clubs through the link on this website to place on line orders and pay with a credit card.
Please be reminded that books are a great gift for both incentives and birthdays, but only you are the best judge of which books are appropriate for independent reading.  You can now order books from multiple catalogs on line.  Just go to scholastic.com and enter my classroom code: GV28G.  It will walk you through the rest!