What are we up to?

I am going to try and be better about updating my page and keeping all of you more in the loop as to what your students are doing in my classroom. So below, you will read a glimpse as to what is going on this week. 

6th Science- The 6th grade is currently studying the atmosphere. We have really be focused on wind and have even watched a documentary about natural disasters. Students were really intrigued and with Hurricane Harvey and Irma so close, it was a real eye opener as to what some people are having to go through.  

7th Science- The 7th grade is currently studying energy. So far most of our talk has been about Kinetic and Potential Energy, but students have learned and read about several different forms.  They are quickly realizing we use energy in everything we do!

8th Science- The 8th grade is currently studying cells. They have been comparing and contrasting between plant and animal cells. They also have been learning about some of the cell structures and what their functions are. We have even spent a little time looking at different things under the microscope. I think they all would agree its been pretty neat!

6th Math- The 6th grade is just starting a chapter about equations. We are focusing on the parts of an equation  before we really begin solving them. We have adopted a new curriculum called "Hands on Equations" and I'm excited to start that with the 6th grade before long. They will soon be experts and solving mathematical equations!

7th Math- Th 7th grade is reviewing how to solve equations. This is something they did last year, but very important to make sure they understand. As we progress through math, they will see that equations are a big part of their math career from here on out!

8th Math- The 8th grade is wrapping up their review section. We have reviewed integer operations as well as solving equations. Last year the 7th grade was able to hear me tell the past 8th grade class how important it is to know integer operations and they have really stepped up their game! They will soon realize the benefits of having these down pat!

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