Holy Week

With this being such a short week, I wanted to pass along that I will only be teaching Math. It is hard to finish up a science lesson in 3 class periods so I am making up a little time that we have missed for math. Thank you for understanding!


Dear Families,

We have begun are Lenten journey and what a great time to pause and reflect on our self, our family, and our life. As a school, we are doing many activities to ensure that students are making sacrifices during this time. I have found a list of things that you can also being doing at home to make sure sacrifices are being made. As a family, I encourage you to give one a try!

1. Attend Mass on Ash Wednesday and wear your ashes out into the world as a witness of our faith.

2. Attend some of the Holy Week Masses and activities at your Parish. 

3. Commit to reading every the Bible every day together as a family.

4. Make at least one of your meatless Friday meals together as a family.

5. Make cards of encouragement to those in your parish RCIA program. 

6. Attend Stations of the Cross. 

7. Choose a Lenten Sacrifice to do as a family. 

MobyMax Math Christmas Contest

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!! I hope you have all enjoyed your break and are ready to get back after it! I was just looking at the contest results, and it shows that a lot of students have not completed the 60 points. If it turns out that your class does not make their goal, us teachers have a special something for the students who did! See you all tomorrow!!!

Advent 2017

This year the 7th grade class will go on a storybook adventure! I will be reading from and Advent Storybook that has 24 stories to share about the advent season and what we all are actually waiting for. The summary of the book is as follows, " Benjamin Bear is so impatient for Christmas to come. To help the time pass more quickly his mother says that every night when he opens a door on his Advent calendar she'll tell him a story--24 stories about another little bear and his long, arduous journey to Bethlehem. The little bear, led by a shining star, meets many others on his travels across hot deserts, snowy mountains, through dark, lonely nights. His adventures, filled with acts of heroism and kindness and many small miracles, show him the path to the Christ Child. And by journey's end, Benjamin Bear-- and youngsters who share the stories and their simple morals along with him-- will be ready to celebrate the true spirit of Christmas." I look forward to reading the stories with them and sharing with them the meditations that Mrs. Peloquin writes up for each day. Merry Christmas!

Predictive Assessments

This week, grades 6-8 have completed the first round of the Kite Predictive Assessment. They will take this assessment two other times from now until February in hopes to better prepare them for the actual state assessment. With the data I receive this first round, I will be using it to shape and guide our curriculum for the remaining school year. So far I have been very pleased! Keep up the hard work, Crusaders!

Scholars Bowl Practice Schedule Change

Dear Parents,


If your child is in Scholars Bowl, please take note of this change. On Monday, October 30, practice was scheduled for 3:40-4:20. I need to change this time to 3-3:45 due to a scheduled faculty meeting. Please make arrangements to pick your child up at 3:45 or to send them to Extended Day.


Mrs. Haukap

Thank you!

I just wanted to say thank you to all the parents that attended Parent-Teacher conferences. I enjoyed visiting and learning about your child from your point-of-view! Please feel free to contact me any time with questions or concerns. 

8th Grade Human Body Posters

The 8th grade is pictured below with their human body system poster that they made! Students had to first trace themselves, draw in their given system, and then present each structure and its function. They did a great job and hopefully learned something too!

MobyMax Math Contest

This week students will be participating in a MobyMax Math Contest with students all around the world! They have a chance to win a $15 Fandango gift card! All they need to do is be working on the Math module! I will then look at how much time my top student spent and enter them into the drawing! Go get em', Crusaders!

6th Grade Math- Hands- on - Equations

Here are a few pictures of some 6th grade math students working hard at solving equations. This method of solving is called Hands- On -Equations. We sure have had some fun this week!

Classroom Updates

Hello! This year is seems to already be flying be and we are sure moving! Written below is just a glimpse of what we are doing in the classroom!

6th Science- We have moved from air circulation to ocean current circulations. Students have been studying different factors that affect ocean currents and what that has to do with all of the garbage that collects in the ocean.  They even enjoyed a short little demonstration of how the speed of wind directly affects the ocean current! Ask them to list the 3 factors that we just recently studied! 

7th Science- Students have been studying the transfer of potential energy onto other objects as well as the transformation of potential energy into kinetic energy. We have spent some time talking about how a lot of our child hood toys involve both these types of energy and hopefully they will be making their own toy to demonstrate this concept very soon!

8th Science- Students are working on a unit project that involves studying an animal and a behavior that it has. They are researching whether the behavior is innate or learned and how their body systems function in order for that behavior to occur. We have spent some time studying our internal organs and how they operate as a system in order for us to function

6th Math- The 6th grade class just started a program called Hands- on- Equations. We will be working through several lessons before we return to the book. The program uses a balance to show that all equations must be equal. I'm excited to walk them through this process and can't wait to see how it pays off when we get back to the text book!

7th Math- The 7th grade class is studying integer operations. This is a big unit for them because basically everything we do from here on out in their middle school math career will involve integers. I have really been stressing to students that this is something they must understand if they want to continue to be successful. 

8th Math- The 8th grade class just finished up with a chapter and is starting Rational Numbers. They have been working hard and moving right along for me.  I appreciate all of their effort!


Jesus. Others. You.

I'm not sure if many of you watch the CBS news, but the other day Steve Hartman had a great clip about the people of Hurricane Harvey. I feel it fits along with our theme this year, which is Jesus, Others, You (ourselves). I shared this video with most of my classes on Monday, which I felt was fitting because of 9/11. In this segment, we see people risking their own lives in order to go out and help others without hesitation. It is a beautiful thing and the way our world is intended to be, people being kind to other people. If you have a few moments, sit down and watch this story. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did and for a few short moments, you witness the potential this world has if we unite the way God intended for us to do. 


What are we up to?

I am going to try and be better about updating my page and keeping all of you more in the loop as to what your students are doing in my classroom. So below, you will read a glimpse as to what is going on this week. 

6th Science- The 6th grade is currently studying the atmosphere. We have really be focused on wind and have even watched a documentary about natural disasters. Students were really intrigued and with Hurricane Harvey and Irma so close, it was a real eye opener as to what some people are having to go through.  

7th Science- The 7th grade is currently studying energy. So far most of our talk has been about Kinetic and Potential Energy, but students have learned and read about several different forms.  They are quickly realizing we use energy in everything we do!

8th Science- The 8th grade is currently studying cells. They have been comparing and contrasting between plant and animal cells. They also have been learning about some of the cell structures and what their functions are. We have even spent a little time looking at different things under the microscope. I think they all would agree its been pretty neat!

6th Math- The 6th grade is just starting a chapter about equations. We are focusing on the parts of an equation  before we really begin solving them. We have adopted a new curriculum called "Hands on Equations" and I'm excited to start that with the 6th grade before long. They will soon be experts and solving mathematical equations!

7th Math- Th 7th grade is reviewing how to solve equations. This is something they did last year, but very important to make sure they understand. As we progress through math, they will see that equations are a big part of their math career from here on out!

8th Math- The 8th grade is wrapping up their review section. We have reviewed integer operations as well as solving equations. Last year the 7th grade was able to hear me tell the past 8th grade class how important it is to know integer operations and they have really stepped up their game! They will soon realize the benefits of having these down pat!

Welcome Back Crusaders!

Welcome back! I hope all of you had a great summer! I am excited to start another year at St. Joseph! This will be my 4th year here and I'm still just as excited as my first year to get to continue to be here! I am sure you are all just as excited as I am so let's make this our best year yet!!

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