Wishing you all a very Blessed Holy Week

As we enter into Holy Week, here is a prayer I would like to share with you!


Dearest Lord,

During this holy time for so many, we pause to remember that your light can never be extinguished. Help us to believe in this truth so that we might live lives that display your eternal illumination. 



St. Joseph- Pray for us! 


Happy Easter!

Lent: A time for self-reflection!

It's hard to believe that in just a couple days it is already Ash Wednesday. With that being said, it is time to prepare for the Lent Season. As I told students the other day in Adoration, Lent is not about what they give up. Lent is about learning to be a better person and we can do that through our every day actions. Please take a moment and look through the link I am posting below. Here you will find a calendar with 40 things to do as a family for lent. Please feel free to print this off and hang it up on your fridge! Prayers to all as we make this Lenton journey!



Happy Birthday, Kansas!

Today we celebrated Kansas turning 158 years old! Thank you to Mrs. Day and Mrs. Mies for making a very yummy cake! 

6th Grade Greensburg Field Trip


The 6th grade class traveled to Greensburg, Ks on January 24th to see how they use and sustain natural resources. While there we toured the Big Well, 547 Arts Center, ate at Reggie's Pizza, the Historical Museum and the Soda Fountain. It was a very fun day with lots of learning and new experiences. I can't wait to do this with future 6th grade classes! 

7th Grade Scholars Bowl Champions!

Congratulations to the 7th grade Scholars Bowl team on their 1st place victory @ St. Margaret Mary. They went 6-0 at this competition! 

St. Nicholas Visit!

We had a special visitor today! Happy Feast Day on December 6th, St. Nicholas! Thank you for all the goodies! 

8th Grade Scholars Bowl Team

Congratulations to our 8th grade Scholars Bowl team who took first place at our first meet! Competition was held at St. Mary, Newton and the 8th grade team went 5-1 to bring home the gold. 

Valley 9 STEM Day


Thank you to Jane Gorges and Andy and Susan Helten for presenting at our first ever STEAM day. Our students learned something as well as had some fun! We appreciate you volunteering your time for us! 

7th Grade Science Fun!

This past week, the 7th grade spent there time being little elves! They were challenged to design and build a toy that demonstrated potential energy in different amounts and forms. They worked hard and had some fun, too! 

8th Grade Human Body Posters

The 8th grade class made life sized diagrams of the different human body systems.  Students were partnered up and picked a system to study in depth. They researched organs within the system and then had to draw the organ in the poster as well as describe the function. They turned out great! 

Cell Building Fun!

2018-2019 Scholars Bowl

The 18-19 Scholars Bowl season is just around the corner. Scholars bowl is open to any 7th or 8th grade student. This year we will have try outs to finalize a team of 5 for each grade level. Practice will be every Tuesday during the month of October. Practice time is from 3:45 to 4:30. Our meets this year are as follows: 

November 8 @ St. Mary Newton

November 13 @ St. Mary Newton

December 6 @ St. Joseph, Wichita

January 10 @ All Saints


I am looking forward to another fun and successful year! Go Crusaders!


Modeling Erosion and Deposition

The 6th grade had fun getting a little dirty modeling Erosion and Deposition! 

First Week Fun!

The 8th grade class got right to work the first part of the 18-19 school year! We spent the first week of school learning about cells. Students brought in different living things from home and spent some time looking at their cells through a microscope! It was pretty neat to see their reactions! 

Welcome Back to the 2018-2019 school year!

Hi All,

I hope you all had the best  summer and I can't wait to hear all about it. I will see you all Thursday morning!

Just a side note- Sophie is starting Pre-K so if you come in my room and I'm not in there, I'll be back shortly! I am walking her over for her first day!! 

See you soon!

Mrs. Haukap

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