Middle School Cake Race

It is always nice to be noticed!  Marks are earned when we notice students doing great things and even simple things.  Sometimes we are working on specific goals, and other times, marks just show up because someone "noticed".  Students have earned their "Fondue Party" :- ) We covered things in chocolate - even cantaloupe.  YIKES!  Some thought it was pretty good.



7th & 8th Grade TECHNOLOGY

7th and 8th Graders are working on Pinnacle Studio 21 Ultimate (video editing) software that was recently purchased and put on our computers. 7th Grade is working on videos showcasing the year's activities for each grade at St. Joe.  

6th Grade Technology

We are exploring different graphic design software that has been recently added to our computers.  GIMP 2 (photo editing software); SketchUp; Scratch 2 (programming software) and more.  These are free programs that you may find fun and useful to use at home.  


It is such a joy to serve the students of St. Joe!

 You will find information here for Social Studies, Technology and Careers for 6th, 7th and/or 8th grade students. Plus, any information for 6th Grade homeroom students and other general information. 


7th & 8th Grade: Look for you student(s) to bring home a graphic organizer for  pdf Types of Wages - Similarities and Differences (93 KB)   to summarize what we discussed in class. They had time to work on it during class with a partner. They were to write similarities and differences of the types of ways to earn wages. Now, they are to interview a family member or friend in each category to find the pros and cons of each type.  I told them to make sure they get "the good, the bad and the ugly" :- ) of each way to earn wages from someone experienced.  The pros and cons should be done on a separate sheet. Thanks for your help.


6th SOCIAL STUDIES (8-24-17)

1) Ask you student why every 2-D map of the World is actually wrong!  :- \
Watch this cool video that explains it.  Globe VS Map



Mrs. Karla Brown

Mrs. Karla Brown
Middle School