1st Grade "visits" 7th Grade for some MATH !

Our 7th Graders were great teachers Friday as they helped the 1st Graders work on their combinations of 10's when adding. We played a card game that promotes their fluency (accuracy and speed). Watch VIDEO of "Math Game", then check out the happy faces in the pictures.  EXCELLENT JOB 7th Graders!!! And, 1st Graders, you were AWESOME!





Making Donuts :- )

"WORK HARD, PLAY HARD" - 6th, 7th, & 8th Grades

 We reached the first level of our "Cake Race" in 6th, 7th, and 8th Grades and earned a "Work Hard, Play Hard" activity. So, we made donuts in class, today, AND did our regular work for the day. It took some SELF-CONTROL on everyone's part, and we had a pretty successful day!  

      Self-control, prudence (thinking before speaking or acting) and temperance (keeping balanced with created goods) are the emphases for Careers & Technology classes this 2nd quarter, as well as, the school focus on gratitude.  Please, ask your students to share some of the virtues and characteristics we have discussed and are implementing.  Also, let them know how important they are in your jobs and as a family unit.   

       We will use our donut-making as an example in 8th Grade Social Studies. We are learning about Economics and in particular the role of businesses in a market economy like the United States. Over the next few class periods, students will be looking at the idea of entrepreneurship and what goes into starting a business like making donuts!  We will support their next math concepts like slope, y=mx+b, and graphing of lines as a business tool. Should be fun!! :- )  Any information you can give them about starting or owning a business would be great.

Medicine Lodge Peace Treaty - Middle School Field Trip

THE PARADE downtown Medicine Lodge 

We saw the  US Calvary

Wagon trains with settlers and merchants from the Santa Fe Trail

Native American warriors

Cowboys fresh off the cattle trail

And, even a hanging of a cattle rustler!  YIKES !!!


Carry Nation's House: The kids enjoyed seeing her hatchet!


THE STOCKADE: We saw a Calvary Campsite. This is the Officer's Tent.

They said that 50 men would have slept in the round, cone-shaped tent below. The bottom is off because this would be what a camp was like in the summer.  In the winter they put on the bottom part.  


The Commanding Officer had a much better sleeping arrangement!


Log house from the 1800's.  


The Peace Treaty Pageant  There is so much reenacted in the pageant, from early Spanish explorers to stage coaches, to President Lincoln and the role of "Bleeding Kansas" in the events leading to the Civil War.

Wagon Train stopping for the night


We saw the Calvary save the Wagon Train from an attack!




President Lincoln giving the "Gettysburg Address"

8th Graders :- )

Middle School Technology - Google Accounts / Google Classroom

We love our new Chromebooks!  THANK YOU, THANK YOU for providing them for us. 

I also want to thank my 7th and 8th graders for helping to problem solve and figure out the best ways to use and set up our Google Accounts and our new Chromebooks.  We tested a "hypothesis" or two so they could be more informed, get organized and save time.  They are truly awesome at working together and helping each other and me :- ) I learn a lot from them. There are so many little details to know, and they are all patient, persistent, problem-solvers. A great way to learn valuable skills that are part of our Careers unit.

  Because of their hard work, all Middle School students got logged-in and on the new Chromebooks, today.  Google Accounts were updated, wallpaper changed, short-cuts put in place ..... WOW! ..... and it is only the 2nd day of school!  Students were asked to show their parents how their accounts work, and urged o share their passwords only with their parents. It is extremely important to teach them NOT to share passwords with anyone else.  We want to keep our kids safe. We even had time to discuss the current events going on in the real-world with popular companies and social media apps using and selling our data.  Please visit with your students about what is going on.

Because of the work our 7th and 8th graders did, I was  able to get my 6th Graders logged into their Google Accounts AND, we even did a class discussion on Google Classroom.  Have them show you how it works!