Valley 9 Art Fair Results

Kindergarten Entries-each receives a participation ribbon 

  1. Emily Gorges 
  2. Holly Horsch 
  3. Quentin Meng 

Division I

  1. Payton Kerschen  1st    White 
  2. Carlin Seiler         1st    Blue 
  3. Oliver Spexarth    1st    White 
  4. Presley Wells       1st   Blue 
  5. Presley Wells       1st   Gold Medal
  6. Gianna Beying     2nd  Bronze Medal 
  7. Kaimbree Doonan 2nd White 
  8. Bradley Helten     2nd  Red
  9. Kaleb Mies           2nd  Red 

Division II 

  1. Bridget Gear       3rd   Reserved Grand Champion Trophy
  2. Bridget Gear       3rd   Blue  
  3. Sophia May        3rd   Blue 
  4. Sophia May        3rd   Blue 
  5. Sebastian Beying 3rd  Red 
  6. Breckyn Cawood 4th  White 
  7. Dominic Clupny   4th  Blue 
  8. Dominic Clupny   4th  Red

Division III 

  1. Gianna Allen        5th  Red 
  2. Kennedy Cawood 5th  Red
  3. Nick Robben        5th  Gold Medal 
  4. Eva Springob       5th  Blue 
  5. Leah White         5th  White 
  6. Leah White         5th  White 
  7. Kinley Doonan     6th  White 
  8. Luke Kuhn          6th  Blue 
  9. Cathy Mans        6th  Blue  
  10. Claire Mans        6th  Red 
  11. Amelia Meng      6th  White 
  12. Isaac Peloquin    6th  White 
  13. Abby Stuhlsatz   6th  Blue 
  14. Abby Stuhlsatz   6th  Red 

Division IV 

  1. Emmarie Cook  7th  White 
  2. Elliot Helten      7th  Bronze Medal 
  3. Madison Helten 7th  Blue 
  4. George Husband 7th  White 
  5. Cody Parthemer  7th  Blue 
  6. Kaitlin Robben   7th   Red 
  7. Gretchen Stuhlsatz 7th White 
  8. Tim Helten       8th  Blue  
  9. Mary Meyer      8th  Red 

Congrats To ALL!!!!  Well Done!!

More 5th grade art!

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5th Grade ART!!!

5th/6th Grade Art Projects

Here are the great projects completed by the 5th/6th graders this past week!

7th grade watercolor pumpkins

What's Happening in the ART ROOM!!!?

For the past few weeks all classes have been working with COLOR THEORY

7th grade did fall pumpkins using glue & watercolor

This week in the Art Room!

6th grade

warm & cool colors in fall trees


Mrs. Wanda Day
Art/Food Service Director


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