2019-20 Lunch Schedule

Time Grade
11:00-11:25 6
11:03-11:28 7
11:05-11:30 8
11:32-11:57 2
11:35-12:00 1
11:37-12:02 K
12:03-12:28 5
12:05-12:30 3
12:07-12:32 4

Crusader Cafe

We participate in the School Lunch Program sponsored by the Kansas State Department of Education, Child Nutrition and Wellness. Lunches are served each day school is in session, including half days.

Meals are purchased each month in advance. Payment is due by the 15th. Prompt payment is expected. Lunch bills overdue for one month or more will result in students needing to bring a sack lunch from home as services will not be provided until the bill is paid or arrangements have been made with the food services director.

Free or reduced lunches are available to students who qualify. Applications are given to each family at enrollment and are also available at the school and the food services office. Applications forms must be completed each school year since we do not carry over families from year to year. Applications are kept strictly confidential.

Adults eating on a regular basis may set up an account payable at the end of the month. All others are expected to pay for meals or a la carte services when receiving them. May’s lunch credits are carried over to the following school year, or at your request are refunded. Eighth grade graduates with no younger siblings will automatically receive a refund if applicable.

Contact Mrs. Wanda Day
Food Service Director
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Lunch Menu