Important Dates


 Thursday 4- Last day to check out library books!

 Friday 5- No school/8th grade Culminating Projects

 Tuesday 9- Third Grade Diocesan Religion Assessment

 Thursday 11- Check in all library books! K-8 parish tours with Mass at St. Rose @ 1:00

 Friday 12- AR cut off.. Have your points!

 Monday 15- Field Day (Spirit dress/may wear shorts after Mass)

 Thursday 18- LAST DAY OF SCHOOL!!! 1:00 Dismissal 


Reading/Language Arts-

This month we are wrapping up with sharing our saint reports. We are taking a break from the normal vocab/spelling/story due to the short weeks and events taking place. We will be looking at reading some stories we didn't get to for enjoyment with no test to follow. Students are still working on writing complete sentences with complete thoughts. As much as I have drilled it this year, I see strong writing skills in their future!



We have completed all the lowercase cursive letters and have moved on to uppercase letters and are through half of them. I am very impressed with their letter formations!



We are continuing in our Faith and Life series as well as looking further into parables with opportunity for a reader's theater. Students will soon take the Diocesan Religion Assessment Reviewing with jeopardy and kahoot have been some ways the students stay motivated. 


We just wrapped up our geometry unit with shapes, lines, and angles. We are spending a brief time in reviewing telling time, more specifically changing units of time and lapsed time. We will finish the year reviewing area and perimeter once again. It has already been taught in small groups prior to the state assessments, but it was more of a crash course. I look forward to seeing how much they recall when we expand on it.  


Science/Social Studies-

We are wrapping up the year with physical science units. With this comes more opportunities for labs. In social studies we are looking at landforms and geography of the U.S., explorers, and freedom.











Field Trip to the Salt Mine

Shoes and More Shoes!

Welcome Back! It's a New Year!

I wanted to point out a minor change you may have seen. In you child's binder is a yellow form that outlines their behavior/conduct for the day. I have had a lot of questions arise as to what the conduct grade is representing. Students know what the marks Work, Respect, and Belong are given for, but to hold them more accountable this log is filled out and looks much like the behavior book used in the classroom. I know it is one more thing, but I like the weekly form over the entire month. Students will simply turn this in at the start of every week as well as get a new form.

Thanks for your cooperation with this. As always contact me if you have any questions.


Third Grade Fall Party

Studies Weekly

Studies Weekly is our new curriculum for Science and Social Studies. Please explore the website which is listed under my classroom links. Log in information is inside your child's binder on the inside back cover of their agenda (along with all passwords).

To access Science online: 

1. Go to the website from the link

2. Type username and password

3. Scroll to find Science Studies Weekly Third Grade- Gadgets and Gizmos and click to open it.

4. We are in Week 4 for Science: Earth Sculptures (week of Nov. 2)

To access Social Studies online- follow the same steps except scroll to find Democracy Studies Weekly: we will be doing supplemental activities related to the government and election.



Here is an updated schedule: 

3rd Grade Schedule

7:35-7:55             Morning Work

8:00-8:30           Mass (8:30-9:00 Adoration Fri.)

8:30-9:15             Reading/ELA Fri. Spelling test 9-9:15

9:15-9:50             P.E. MWF MUSIC T/TH

9:50-10:00         Restroom break/Change shoes

10:00-11:00        Cont. Reading/ELA Fri. Reading test

11:00-11:55          RECESS/LUNCH

11:55-12:10          Break/Prayer/Rocket Math

12:10-1:10           Math

1:15-1:30             AR

1:35-1:50            Handwriting/Technology Alternate

1:50-2:30          Science/S.S Alternate

2:00-2:20        Recess Friday only or as whole class reward

2:30-3:00         Religion

3:00-3:15          Read Aloud

3:15-3:30           Agendas/Tickets/Prayer/Dismissal

            *Library on Thursdays 10:15-10:45 

            *Art usually Fridays or if tied into another subject area






Welcome Back Crusaders!

Welcome back to school! I will do my best to keep you updated. The first couple of days we spent much of our classroom time with building relationships. Students even got to meet with their Crusader Crew which consists of mixed grade level students. They wrote thank you cards to the sponsors for the school golf tournament and navigated their way around campus to learn about the church history during a scavenger hunt. They seemed to enjoy it!

In third grade we have focused mainly on routines, procedures, rules and building the classroom community. I have learned all their names! This is a big deal considering I had a small class of nine last year. Students have not had to fill out their agendas or have them signed yet, but this will start up next week. I plan to jump right into the schedule and see how it flows. By the end of the week I will post an updated schedule.

Please take time to look over the attachments in the classroom documents. As always, please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have! I look forward to the year in third grade and working with your child.


Did You Forget Your Textbook at School?

No more excuses! Students can access their book online if they forget either their Reading or Math textbook. Login information is on the inside back cover of their agenda. To access the textbooks find them on this page under classroom links.



Third graders need to have 3 service hours every nine weeks! The purpose of stewardship is to provide students with an opportunity to make a difference in their church and surrounding communities. Please assist your child in sharing in this act of love.

"Do small things with great love." Mother Teresa