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Hi, there. I am Amy Webb, music teacher at St. Anne, St. Joseph Wichita and St. Joseph Ost! I graduated from the University of Maine, Orono, with a bachelor's degree in music education. In 2007, I received my Master's in instrumental conducting from the American Band College (Southern Oregon University) in Ashland, Oregon. I also have training as a music therapist from Saint Mary of the Woods in Terre Haute, Indiana. I have had twenty years' experience working in the public schools, but I am thrilled to be here with all of you. I am a transplant from the cold state of Maine, and moved out here to be in a warmer climate and because the people are friendly! I am married to John and mother to Randy, Eric and Emily. I have two cats, Shiro and Sophi. Shiro is Japanese for "white." I bet you can guess his fur's color! Currently, we reside in east Wichita. 

In my spare time I play piano for my church, read my Kindle and watch anime with my kids.  I am a broadcaster at KNSS radio as well. I occasionally volunteer at the Catholic Care Center in Wichita, where I sing and play instruments for the residents.  I also write concert band music for children in grades 5-college age, and am published by Eight Note Publications, Warming Sun, and C. L. Barnhouse. 

My favorite baseball team is the Red Sox.  I don't like football or basketball (sorry, Kansans).  My biggest dream is to own a Miata MX-5 grand touring sports car, because I like to drive fast (sorry, local officers...I swear, I thought the speed limit said "85...")


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