7-8 Passion Play

The Seventh and Eighth Graders are preparing to present The Stations of the Cross on Holy Thursday after the Seder Meal (approximately 12:15).  We will have a dress rehearsal on Wednesday right after Mass.  Parents may take pictures at the dress rehearsal, but to respect the solemnity of the play, we ask that none be taken during the actual presentation on Thursday.  Please start looking through closets to find the required "costume."  Boys-black pants and black, long-sleeved shirt, black socks.  There can be no stripes or markings showing, so black electrical tape can be used or it can be turned inside-out.  Please no Under Armor style shirts.  Girls-black skirt or gauchos that are below the knee, long black socks or tights, black, long-sleeved shirt, hair should be in a braid or low pony tail.  I always advise the students to look through drawers and closets at home and with relatives.  If no luck, then Goodwill is a good place to try. I am always looking for a long white skirt for Mary, so if anyone finds one, please buy it for us!  If you have questions, please let me know.


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