9 Days for Life

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At the end of January, we will again face the grim anniversary of our country's decision to voluntarily end innocent human life.  While there have certainly been strides in educating people about the unborn and their development, we still have substantial work to do on changing hearts.  Abortions have decreased, but euthanasia has increased.  Birth control and abortion-inducing drugs are prevalent and easily accessible. Many have huge misconceptions about marriage and the role of the family in society.  With all of the violence that closed 2017, we know that fewer and fewer are recognizing the innate dignity of each human being. So to fight this continuing culture of death, I ask you to join me and the middle school students in praying for life.  We will participate in a Novena for Life beginning on January 18th.  I'm attaching the link to the United States Council of Catholic Bishop's website so you can access not only this novena, but other materials that you can use to pray with, educate yourself, and promote a greater respect for the dignity of all human life.

9 Days for Life Novena