Folk Tales for Young and Not Quite as Young

The Eighth graders have recently been reading and discussing popular American folktales.  As part of our study, the students divided into groups whose aim was to visually display the characteristics of one of the characters we studied.  They also had to include a Scripture verse that would have fit that character.  We have two larger than life characters on display on our bulletin board and invited the Kindergarten class to critique them.  Both classes learned a lot about folktales!


8th Grade Visit to the Cathedral

Thank you, Father Dan, for inviting us to attend this once-in-a-lifetime occasion.  The Chrism Mass was so beautiful and the students felt blessed to attend the liturgy.

What a Disaster! 6th Grade Research Project

You are a top-notch reporter investigating some of history’s most infamous disasters.  As a reporter, you’ll be answering the big five-who, what, where, when, and how.  Why are they on the top Google lists of all-time worst disasters?  Find out in your research and let us know.  I’m not meaning to be all negative, but some of these disasters could have been prevented, and some left us with loads of information that lead to everything from laws being changed to how warning systems were enacted.  All of them are indeed tragedies, but they are a part of our history worth learning about.

You will choose one of the following to research.  I’ve provided one internet source, but you must use at least one other source (encyclopedia, book, etc.).  You will be taking notes on note cards, creating an outline, and finally, composing a five paragraph "essay" complete with a bibliography of sources.  We will work on most of the project at school, but there will definitely be things that you need to do on your own.  Whatever can’t be finished at school will need to be taken home, so if you have a jump drive you will need to bring it to school.  Your essay will be in the form of a newspaper article front page story based on your disaster.  It will include pictures, quotes from "survivors", and a man-on-the-scene account of what happened.  You will present your newspaper to your team and then explain what happened next (reforms, laws, etc). I have listed several disasters below, but if you find one that you would like to research, please let me know!

Topics to choose from:

Hurricane Katrina        

The Boston Molasses Disaster

Spanish Influenza Outbreak

Sinking of the Titanic              

Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire

Great San Francisco Earthquake and Fire

1900 Galveston Hurricane

Space Shuttle Challenger

The Great Chicago Fire            

Johnstown, Pennsylvania Flood

Greensburg, Kansas Tornado 

Joplin, Missouri Tornado



Iroquois Theatre Fire               

Scholastic Book Orders

Scholastic Book Orders

Once a month I will send home Scholastic book club forms. Fifth and sixth grades typically receive an Arrow, Click, or seasonal order form; Seventh and Eighth graders receive an Arrow, Tab, Click, and/or seasonal order form.  Parents/students will have a week to submit their order (if they choose to do so) by either returning the paper order form with a CHECK filled out to Scholastic, not cash; or you may access Scholastic book clubs through the link on this website to place on line orders and pay with a credit card.
Please be reminded that books are a great gift for both incentives and birthdays, but only you are the best judge of which books are appropriate for independent reading.  You can now order books from multiple catalogs on line.  Just go to and enter my classroom code: GV28G.  It will walk you through the rest!



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