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 You will find information here for Social Studies, Technology and Careers for 6th, 7th and/or 8th grade students. Plus, any information for 6th Grade homeroom students and other general information. 


7th & 8th Grade: Look for you student(s) to bring home a graphic organizer for pdf Types of Wages - Similarities and Differences (93 KB)  to summarize what we discussed in class. They had time to work on it during class with a partner. They were to write similarities and differences of the types of ways to earn wages. Now, they are to interview a family member or friend in each category to find the pros and cons of each type.  I told them to make sure they get "the good, the bad and the ugly" :- ) of each way to earn wages from someone experienced.  The pros and cons should be done on a separate sheet. Thanks for your help.


6th SOCIAL STUDIES (8-24-17)

1) Ask you student why every 2-D map of the World is actually wrong!  :- \
Watch this cool video that explains it.  Globe VS Map



Mrs. Karla Brown

Mrs. Karla Brown
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