5th Grade

Happy Advent!  Our time of preparation has begun.  The advent wreath is in place both at my home and in our classroom.  We have begun our classroom journey of preparing ourselves for the birth of our Savior.  We will spend the advent season praying around our advent wreath, reading reflections on the season, and committing ways to help others during this season.  

Advent Colors



Here is an overview of topics that we hope to be covering in December.

Religion: The liturgical calendar - the seasons, the colors, important days throughout the year; Advent

English Language Arts: Our main focus in English Language Arts will be finishing our Saint Report.  We will finish the rough draft, revise, and then edit the report.  Along with this, we will be creating a PowerPoint presentation to present to the class.  The students will be dressing up as the saint and presenting from a 1st person point of view.  We will also be taking a KITE predictive test and and updated STAR test. 

Math: Division of whole numbers and decimals; Data; KITE predictive test; updated Moby Max Placement Test

Science: Rocks; Soil


Social Studies: Early English Colonies


Our 5th Grade Saints

Our unit on Electricity and Magnetism


Looking at the hole in our hands during science class!