5th Grade


Enjoy the pictures below of the students presenting about their Saints.

Here is an overview of topics that we hope to be covering in February.


Religion:  The Pope - how he is chosen and some information about some of the most recent ones; We will begin an extensive look at the 7 sacraments; We will focus on the start of the Lenten season, including our need for prayer, fasting, and almsgiving

English Language Arts: We will take our 3rd KITE predictive test; We will start up our Journey's book again with fiction stories; Grammar lessons on adjectives, adverbs, and prepositions; Spelling; Opinion writing 

Math: We will take our 3rd KITE predictive test; We will continue our Topics on Fractions (adding and subtracting with unlike denominators, including mixed numbers)

Science: Phases of the moon; Our solar system 

Social Studies: Southern Colonies; Slavery; Then begin learning about events that led up to the American Revolution


Our 5th Grade Saints

Our unit on Electricity and Magnetism


Looking at the hole in our hands during science class!